1.To demonstrate my commitment to be an IoTeX Delegate, I would like to announce my IOTX portfolio at first. In Binance, I hold more than 7 million IOTX.:


2.Who am I?:
    Dear IoTeX Community, welcome to my IoTeX Delegate. I’m Wang Qiang, 32 years old. Currently, I’m chief software engineer at 31°north latitude Studio Ingenuity Team in Giant Interactive Group Inc (上海巨人网络科技有限公司). 
    With 12 years’ experiences as Software Engineer & Game Developer, I have been engaged in different projects in PC, mobile phones and H5 Game. I've used many game developing tools like d3d , opengl, cocos2dx, unity, cocos creator, egret, etc. And I am proficient in c++, Java, lua, js, go, python.
    I started to learn blockchain technology in 2017, by studying different whitepapers and reading source code, and I was particularly amazed by cryptoeconomics, a new economy model may change the world! 
    Early of 2018, I met IoTeX, a blockchain-based platform that integrates robust cryptographic primitives with a scalable and secure infrastructure. I was deeply attracted by IoTeX’s professional approach, accuracy, and its strong academic footprint. I decided to devote myself to realizing IoTeX’s final goal: connecting the physic world, block by block. 
3.How to contact me?
    Please find my contact information on the left side of this webpage. After the voting, I will create a Telegram Group for my IoTeX Delegate.